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Latest News: MarketCast State of Live Music Fandom Report

MarketCast's latest fandom study explores fan thoughts and opinions about returning to live music festivals, including COVID concerns, top genres and their continued interest in virtual festival experiences.

Data Science IdentifiesFan Behaviors

MarketCast analyzes data from millions of connected devices, social media conversations and retail and online sales sources to understand fan actions and behaviors, including what they watch, buy and listen to most.

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Research UncoversFan Beliefs

MarketCast quantitative and qualitative research gets into the heads of fans, uncovering why they watch, buy and listen, as well as what motivates them to support specific brands, content, products and platforms.

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Together,They BuildFandom

Combined, MarketCast research and data science delivers data and insights to inform business strategies to engage and grow fans, build brands and drive growth.