Tailored Approaches, Proven Methods

Our team of social scientists and strategists unpack the societal trends that influence how fans think, feel and behave. We transform these data points into actionable insights and strategies that shape brand perceptions and fuel new product innovations.

Analyze Fans

Identify fans and understand how to connect with them more authentically – with MarketCast landscape, segmentation and audience studies.

Supercharge Development

Leverage research and analytics at every stage of product development – with MarketCast’s early concept analysis, product testing and positioning.

Build Strategies

Create winning brand strategies that engage the fans that matter most – with MarketCast’s brand positioning studies.

Custom Research that Puts Fandom in Focus

To get insightful answers, it’s important to craft the right questions. MarketCast brings together a team of psychologists, cultural anthropologists and data junkies with a rich toolkit of qualitative, quantitative and cultural research methods to address the unique challenges facing entertainment, sports and lifestyle brands today.

Fandom and Franchise Development

With researchers studying more than 150 movie and TV franchises annually, MarketCast provides studios and franchise owners with fan-driven data to inform character development, storylines and merchandising strategies. Whether it’s a superhero series seeking a streaming reboot or the theatrical release of an English period-drama, MarketCast helps you define the future of your franchise.

MarketCast knows that kids have a lot to say. As leaders and innovators in the field of family research, the MarketCast Kids team is immersed in youth and family culture, exploring the roles of media and products in the lives of kids and parents. This results in research that helps nurture the development of youth and family products, brands and media content.

Strategy Development – What Stands Out

Category Focused

MarketCast's strategy development research is rooted in media and entertainment, and the brands that intersect with them.

Beyond Traditional

With backgrounds in psychology and business strategy, we use a social science lens to go deeper than traditional market research.

Multiple Methods

From analyzing social conversations to studying human reactions to new concepts, MarketCast provides strategy that spans the entire product development and marketing ecosystem.

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