Finding Joy in 2021

Every year, MarketCast’s Real-Time Analytics team looks to identify the things in life that brought us joy and happiness. Through our analysis of millions of social media conversations and published articles, we discover the consumer products, services, and life experiences that people talked about most during the year.

In this year’s Sources of Joy Report, we found that the spring and summer drops in COVID cases (before the winter surge) meant people had a chance to experience in-person events, sports, movie theaters, and holidays again. At the same time, they continued to embrace quarantine conveniences, like working-at-home, subscription food and wine services, and learning online. Our report spotlights the following:

  • Kitchen: The rise of the at-home barista
  • Clothing: Athleisurewear gets comfy
  • Work-at-Home: Building the very best “Cloffice”
  • Self-Improvement: The joy of online learning
  • Timeout: Exploring local
  • Must See TV: The return of appointment viewing

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