Discovering TV’s Fans of the Future

As TV and digital media converges and consumption habits shift, MarketCast research and analytics brings answers to the questions facing national and local broadcasters and digital publishers as they ride the wave of disruption and engage their fans.

Map the Fanscape

Identify fans for your media content and platforms and develop strategies for engaging them - with MarketCast’s audience sizing, segmentation and positioning studies.

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Optimize Promotions

Optimize the marketing assets that drive fans to discover and tune-in to linear and on-demand programming – with MarketCast’s analysis of TV promos and digital videos.

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Spot Trends

Find out what’s trending and breaking right now with analysis of social media conversations across communities and fanbases - with our Real Time Analytics.

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The Standard for TV Content Analysis

MarketCast defines the standard for testing and analyzing digital videos and TV promotions. We combine our qualitative and quantitative best practices and benchmarks to get a read on what fans think and feel about marketing assets and pilot episodes. And, we offer an understanding of their intent to tune-in and consume media.

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MarketCast Virtual Pilot Testing

MarketCast Virtual Pilot Testings bring a modern approach to traditional TV pilot testing. By combining a secure online testing platform with the ability to target fan segments with precision, content creators and studios are able to get the audiences they need with the flexibility they desire, while also digging deep into a program’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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MarketCast Fast Focus

As networks expand and programming schedules become more competitive, it is critical to have the research services that keep pace with the industry’s demand for knowledge. MarketCast Fast Focus offers a fresh approach to TV and movie concept research, positioning studies and post-release analysis. This standardized approach allows studio research and marketing teams to field and finish custom research projects in just seven days at a manageable price point.

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MarketCast TV & Digital Capabilities that Stand Out

Media Experience

We hail from leading agencies, media and research companies and we understand the challenges facing TV and digital media today.

Fan Focus

Our focus on media, entertainment and lifestyle brands allows us to dig deep into the categories and understand the cultural factors that drive fan engagement.

Global Impact

We have local knowledge and global reach. Our experts in more than 15 countries provide us a deep understanding of fandom.

We're fanatical about TV fans.

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