Fueling Fandom at the Box Office

MarketCast supports the biggest theatrical campaigns on the planet. The data gleaned from our fan-focused research and analytics helps studios pinpoint audiences, strengthen franchises and hone overall marketing campaigns to win at the box office.

Optimize Creative

MarketCast helps sharpen creative assets and refine storylines to deliver maximum impact with moviegoers. Our TV and digital ad testing solutions lets marketers identify the characters, narratives and visual elements that resonate most with fans.

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Pinpoint Fanbase

MarketCast pinpoints the fans who are most committed to your movie titles and determines the factors for driving their interest. Through deep fan research and creative analysis, MarketCast determines which fans are in, out and hard to reach.

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Measure Engagement

MarketCast Real-Time Analytics taps into millions of social conversations to help studio marketers understand what fans are thinking and feeling right now about upcoming movie releases, storylines and cast choices.

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World Class Security
Second to None

MarketCast handles studio creative assets with the caution and care of a secret agent transporting nuclear codes. Our world-class security platform leverages watermarking, secure servers and other proprietary features to safely preview sensitive creative materials with fans without worry of information loss or assets being shared beyond the research environment.

MarketCast Virtual Screenings

MarketCast Virtual Screenings bring a modern approach to traditional movie screenings. By combining a secure online testing platform with the ability to target fan segments with precision, content creators and studios are able to get the audiences they need with the flexibility they desire, while also digging deep into a film's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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MarketCast Fast Focus

As studio portfolios expand and programming schedules become more competitive, it is critical to have the research services that keep pace with the industry’s demand for knowledge. MarketCast Fast Focus offers a fresh approach to movie concept research, positioning studies and post-release analysis. This standardized approach allows studio research and marketing teams to field and finish custom research projects in just seven days at a manageable price point.

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Driving Franchise Success

Combining quantitative pulse-checks and qualitative deep dives with real fans, MarketCast measures the state of movie franchises today and identifies their potential for growth in the future.

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Comparable Metrics that Matter

With a database of calibrated benchmarks from two decades of ad creative testing, MarketCast is considered the truth set for measuring movie marketing. Our team transforms qualitative research, captured from thousands of fan surveys, into quantitative data that studio researchers and marketers can use to understand the impact and effectiveness of their marketing programs.

Theatrical Capabilities that Stand Out

Through testing of titles, trailers, posters and beyond, our team of experts decode the heart of consumer truths and provide data-driven insights that are leveraged to forge stronger bonds with fans

Tailored Solutions

Research and analytics can be tailored to meet the unique needs of movie marketing and research strategies.

International Support

Operational centers across time-zones and local experts with regional knowledge support global distribution strategies.

Time Sensitive Projects

Creative testing can range from rigorous analysis to simple A/B testing of creative for quick turnaround.  

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