Consumers want brands that use non-binary and inclusive pronouns, celebrate and recognize their own employees in their campaigns, and consider the rights for all including those of minorities.

More so, internal marketing teams should take note of the things that brands did in 2019 that angered customers. ​Verizon, Sephora, Smirnoff, and Chipotle had the highest negative and mixed sentiment reviews from consumers with more than 30% of organic reactions being unfavorable.

● Verizon (48% negative/mixed): LGBTQ+ audiences were upset to learn that, while brands like Verizon have an HRC scorecard of 100, they have donated over $1 million to anti-gay politicians.
● Sephora (45% negative/mixed): Consumers had mixed feelings on a child being used in Sephora’s pride campaign advertisements, while LGBTQ+ members thought the donation of $1 on select products only
was underwhelming.
● Smirnoff (35% negative/mixed): While conservative audiences shared their disapproval of Laverne Cox as the face of Smirnoff’s campaign, LGBTQ+ consumers disliked how often they felt targeted by alcoholic brands and disapproved of Pride being positioned as a party.
● Chipotle (32% negative/mixed): These unfavorable reactions were fueled by those who felt that the Homo Estas phrase was inappropriate, as well as confusion about why a QSR restaurant was selling apparel.

Above all, Pride campaigns shouldn’t end on July 1. They should be seen consistently throughout the year. Consumers are actively looking at brands that switch out their Pride-themed logo the moment the month ends and show no additional efforts throughout the rest of the year.

Infographic showing the risk level of actions brands take to show support for Pride.



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