Music to Our Ears

For more than a year, concert and festival-goers have been patiently awaiting the return of live music. Now, as vaccine programs gain momentum and national and local safety guidelines are lifted, music may soon fill our hearts, minds and souls. 

With tickets quickly selling out as festivals and tours announce their line-ups and schedules, MarketCast researchers wanted to explore how music fans are thinking and feeling about attending festivals in-person again.  

We fielded a study with more than 1,000 live music fans in the U.S., between the ages of 18-49, and analyzed millions of social media posts. What did we find out? It appears music fans are ready to Rock and Hip Hop and R&B again. 

According to our study, close to 70 percent of live music fans report they “can’t wait to attend live music again.” In fact, roughly half of fans say they are more interested in attending live music events in 2021 than they were before the pandemic. While COVID safety protocols rank lower on their priority list for deciding whether or not to attend a music festival, fans are open to a wide range of safety protocols, from mask wearing and COVID testing to designated viewing areas for vaccinated fans.  

Key Themes We Studied: 

  • Are music fans comfortable returning to live music festivals? 
  • What are the top music genres among likely festival attendees? 
  • Have fan expectations for the live music experience changed since the pandemic? 
  • What are fan attitudes towards COVID protocols, including mask wearing and designated areas for vaccinated fans? 
  • After a year of virtual music events, are fans still willing to pay for live music streaming? If so, how much? 

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