Sponsorship Measurement with Game

Developed with sports sponsors and rightsholders in mind, MarketCast Sponsor Analytics combines big data science and primary research to understand how sponsorships drive brand and business outcomes. Combined, MarketCast is able to identify how sports sponsorships directly impact sales lift and brand health.

Measuring Sales Outcomes and Brand Lift

Game Changing Methodology

Leverages game theory to pinpoint how specific combinations of advertising and sports sponsorships drive consumer conversions.

Unique Data Mix

A scalable solution that combines behavioral data with primary research to understand what fans are watching, buying, and listening to most, as well as why they watch, buy, and listen.

Comprehensive View

True holistic view of sponsorship performances, capturing what fans are thinking and feeling about the sponsor brand and whether the sponsorship has impacted consumer purchasing decisions.

Understanding Fan Behaviors

MarketCast’s new Sponsor Analytics solution quantifies the true impact of sports sponsorships for the first time. By analyzing data from millions of Smart TVs, digital publishers, social media conversations and retail and online sales sources, MarketCast is able to understand fan actions and behaviors, looking at their exposure to sponsorships and subsequent purchasing behaviors.

Measuring Fan Beliefs

MarketCast Sponsor Analytics behavioral data is fused with quantitative research that delves into the heads of fans to measure sponsorship recall, awareness, affinity and consideration to uncover how sponsorship campaigns and assets motivate fans to support the sponsor’s brand and products.

Diving into Fandom Segments

Not all sports fans are weighted equally. Some devote every waking hour to their favorite players and teams. Others only watch during the playoffs. Understanding fandom segments, and how they engage differently with sports and sponsorship content is where MarketCast shines. We apply our own proprietary fandom segments, as well as integrate sponsor and rights holder segments, to analyze how sponsorships impact behaviors and beliefs.

Smart, Intuitive Reporting

At MarketCast, we never just drop data on clients. Storytelling and delivering easy-to-understand reporting is our jam. Our team includes a unique mix of data and social scientists, as well as media, brand, and sports experts, versed in translating complex data into thoughtful reporting. And, we offer a range of options for research and data delivery, from an intuitive dashboard and in-depth, end-of-season reports to raw data files and APIs.

A Single Solution for Sponsorship Measurement

Gone are the days of having different agencies measuring sponsor performance and brand metrics separately. MarketCast combines both in a single solution.


A single, all-powerful analytics solution that uncovers how sports sponsorships impact brand lift, as well as drive key business outcomes.  


Understand the power and value of your assets by pinpointing how sponsor assets and IP directly impact sales and brand metrics of sponsor clients.  

Data Providers

Partnering with MarketCast provides a powerful new opportunity for data providers to expand into the growing sports sponsorship segment.

Innovative & Independent

Combined, MarketCast delivers a true holistic view of sponsorship performance from a single source. Our asset-level insights help sponsors understand ROI at every step of the sponsorship cycle – from planning and pre-launch to mid-flight and post-sponsorship analysis. And, unlike many sports marketing agencies that attempt to measure the same sponsorships they recommend to clients, MarketCast is completely independent and unbiased as it relates to measuring performance.

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