Game Changing Research and Data Science

Never before have sports leagues and teams competed for fan attention with such a wide range of media, video games and digital entertainment options. As fan choices explode and their interests evolve, only MarketCast provides the research and big data analytics to connect and engage with the fans of today and tomorrow.

Sports Fandom from Every Angle

Research & Insights

Quant and qual research that dives deep into the mindset of fans to identify their thoughts, beliefs and opinions to uncover business opportunities.

Expert Data Science

Make sense of deep behavioral datasets to help teams and leagues identify how their sponsor assets are performing and delivering ROI.

Digital Opinion Measurement

Analysis of millions of daily social media conversations to understand what sports fans are sharing about teams, leagues and brands.

Tune-in Attribution

MarketCast media tune-in analysis helps sports leagues better target and measure the effectiveness of TV and digital ads and promotional campaigns. League marketers gain a greater understanding of fan behavior – including the networks and channels that are most effective at driving tune-in, as well as trends among different types of fans. With our unique insights and reporting, rights holders can determine the effectiveness of promotional content, identifying how many viewers were exposed, and directly tying exposure to how many viewers tuned in.

Measuring Sponsor Outcomes

MarketCast Sponsor Analytics helps rights holders understand the power of their assets and IP by analyzing data from millions of Smart TVs and connected devices, Web sites, social media platforms, and retail and online sales sources to identify fan actions and behaviors, looking at their exposure and subsequent purchases. This is fused with MarketCast’s world-class primary research that delves into the heads of fans to understand how sponsorships impact their beliefs.

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Ad Testing with a Hollywood Touch

MarketCast’s creative testing has fueled the biggest movie marketing campaigns on the planet. And, now, the world’s top sports leagues are partnering with MarketCast to test and analyze TV promotional campaigns with casual and hardcore fans alike. From season openers to all-star events, MarketCast helps league marketers understand the messaging and storylines that resonate most, the athletes and imagery that engage, and the soundtracks that get fans cheering for more.

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Analyzing the Social Conversation

Track, analyze and identify fan opinions across Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and others with MarketCast’s proprietary Real-Time Analytics platform. MarketCast analyzes millions of fan conversations and reactions to wins and losses, athlete signings and other news impacting leagues, teams and players. Additionally, we monitor news publishers, podcasts and message boards to spot trends before they go mainstream and crises before they make headlines.

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Fan Segmentation Studies

With fans having more entertainment options fighting for their time than ever before, it’s critical to know who and where your real fans are spending their time and money. MarketCast Fan Segmentation delivers the intel needed to understand what makes your fans tick. By grouping your customers by common attributes or characteristics, and having deeper insights into each segment, you can identify growth opportunities with effective messaging and campaigns.

Live Fan Experience Research

Live sports and fandom events are our jam. In fact, MarketCast has conducted more meaningful and impactful research about the fan experience in sports than any other research company in the game. From the moment fans purchase tickets to their post-game celebrations, MarketCast measures every aspect of the onsite experience. Our analysis of fan touch-points creates powerful benchmarks for comparing fan experiences across venues, leagues and teams.

Our Expert Practice Areas

A research and analytics team that addresses the needs of today's ever-changing sports and entertainment landscape.

Diversity & Inclusion

Understand how rightsholders can improve how they engage with diverse fans to ensure strategies and positioning are authentic and meaningful.

Kids & Family

Capture the thoughts, beliefs and feelings of younger sports fans to understand how they are engaging with media, technology and sports.

Gen Z & Millennials

We’ve been studying Millennials and Gen Z since they were young kids and we understand how to develop marketing strategies that speak to their values.

We're fanatical about making sports fans.

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