Putting Fandom First, Second and Third.

At MarketCast, we believe in the power of fandom. With a powerful mix of primary research, data science and advanced analytics, MarketCast uncovers the drivers that fuel fandom for every brand, sport and media platform on the planet.

Research and Data with Game

Research & Insights

Quantitative and qualitative research helps rights holders create strategies to monetize their properties, while guiding the sports sponsorship strategies of brands.

Digital Opinion Measurement

Our proprietary social analytics platform is paired with expert human analysis to extract insights from millions of daily social media posts across fandom communities.

Data Science Services

An ability to make sense of deep, granular media and retail datasets helps rights holders and brands gain a deeper understanding of fandom behavior.

Answering the "What" and "Why" of Fan Behavior

MarketCast is at the heart of sports fandom. Our powerful mix of data science uncovers what sports fans are watching, buying and listening to and our primary research answers why they are watching, buying and listening. Combined, we help rights holders and brand sponsors engage and monetize the fans who matter most across an ever-changing sports media landscape.

MarketCast Sports for Sponsors

Combining immersive research methodologies and advanced data analytics, MarketCast helps brands identify and reach critical fandom segments. Our research pinpoints the sports and event partnerships that align with brand strategies, values and KPIs. And, once campaigns are in-flight, we can measure how sponsor investments are contributing to lifting the brand higher and moving the business forward.

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MarketCast Sports for Rights Holders

The world's leading sports leagues, teams and federations trust MarketCast to analyze and decode the cultural, societal and behavioral trends shaping modern sports fandom. Our team of researchers and data scientists, who are as fanatical about sports as they are data, help rights holders identify core fan segments, value IP, and build strategies to engage audiences through smarter and more focused brand partnerships.

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