Taking the Random Out of Brand Fandom

A powerful combination of primary research and data science makes MarketCast the ideal partner to help sports sponsors and brands manage, measure and grow their fandom. Our expert insights guide sponsorship investment decisions and our advanced analytics help sponsors understand the value of those investments on moving the business forward.

Brand Analytics, Beyond Logo Counting

Research & Insights

Primary research dives deep to understand the thoughts and feelings of fans to determine the right strategies for activating sponsorships to reach them.

Expert Data Science

Ability to make sense of deep, granular datasets, including TV viewing, social and retail sales data, to help sponsors measure outcomes.

Fandom Focused

MarketCast decodes fandom for the biggest names in media, entertainment and sports, and the most powerful brands that drive them.

Evaluating Sponsorships

Combining trusted research methods and advance analytics with an objective, third-party view of the sponsor landscape, MarketCast identifies how sponsorships impact fan behavior and drive brand lift. By tapping a powerful database of historic sponsor norms, MarketCast can compare what works for specific brand categories and assets, as well as determine fair market value and the strategic importance of sponsorships.

Portfolio Optimization

MarketCast helps brand sponsors take a fresh look at their portfolio to identify the team and league events and locations that attract the fans who matter most. By reviewing existing portfolio performance versus marketing goals, our team of sports and brand fanatics dive deep to understand passions and preferences and how they overlap with live sports, music and other fandom events to deliver performance and drive opportunities.

Analyzing Sponsor Activations

MarketCast has studied more live fan experiences in sports than any other research player in the game. From the moment fans step into the stadium to the post-game celebration, MarketCast measures every aspect of a fan's onsite experience. Our analysis of fan touch-points creates powerful benchmarks for comparing fan experiences with brands across venues, leagues and teams, and our post-event analysis aims to understand how event activations impact business results.

Game Changing Sponsor Measurement

MarketCast goes beyond counting logos to pinpoint the true impact of sponsorships on the sponsor’s bottom line. Through a unique mix of behavioral analytics and quantitative research, MarketCast identifies how sports sponsorships directly impact sales lift and brand reputation, including awareness, affinity, consideration, and trust – all core sponsorship components that lead to brand lift and sales conversions.

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Tracking the Conversation

Get into the head of sports fans to understand their perceptions of sponsorship tie-ins with leagues, teams and athletes. MarketCast’s Real-Time Analytics platform tracks and analyzes what fans are sharing across Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and others to understand how their opinions and behaviors are impacted by sponsorship investments. Additionally, MarketCast monitors publishers, podcasts and message boards to spot stories that may impact brand reputations.

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Testing Ad Creative

MarketCast’s creative testing has fueled the biggest movie marketing campaigns on the planet. And, now, the world’s top sports leagues and sponsors are teaming with MarketCast to test and analyze TV campaigns with casual and hardcore fans. Our unique platform and methodologies help brand marketers understand the messaging and storylines that resonate most and the athletes and imagery that get fans standing up and cheering for more.

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