Fandom, From Every Angle

As media and entertainment converges across devices and platforms, only MarketCast provides a holistic view of fandom. Our analysis of millions of social media conversations and thousands of consumer surveys helps identify what fans are thinking and feeling about your content, events and brands.

People Powered Analysis Meets Machine Learning Magic

MarketCast Real-Time Analytics gets into the heads of your most valuable fans. Our unique combination of machine-driven insights and people-powered analysis provides the data points needed to understand whether content, campaigns and fan experiences are hitting or missing the mark, as well as identifies new ways to nurture fans.

Real-Time Analytics that Rock

Understand Fan Sentiment

Social media signals and consumer surveys identify how fans are thinking, feeling and interacting with media content, products, events and brands.

Determine Outcomes

Translates social conversations and fans perceptions into models that forecast whether fans intend to consume media, buy event tickets and purchase products.

Identify Crisis Situations

Always-on social monitoring identifies sudden swings in fan conversations to spot trends before they disrupt markets and detects crisis situations before they make headlines.

Measuring Streaming Engagement Across Platforms

MarketCast has developed the entertainment industry’s first metrics for assessing fandom across major streaming video services. Combining a number of fan signals, including social media conversations and fan survey data, MarketCast is providing DSPs, studios and creators a unique view into how fans are engaging with original series and library catalogs.

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Global Reach, Local Impact

Providing a platform for media companies and brands to identify, nurture and curate fans on a global scale.

Platform Agnostic

Monitor and make sense of conversations across all major social platforms, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest.

Machine Driven

Ai analysis of photos, videos and text from billions of organic social posts provides near real-time access to insights from a large fanbase.

Global Understanding

Experts in more than 15 countries provide a deep understanding of fan thoughts and opinions, with localized results.

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