This month’s MarketCast Sports Poll (formerly Turnkey Sports Poll) examines how sport business professionals think their segments will emerge post-pandemic. Not surprisingly, as most of our colleagues remain sidelined, the general outlook has declined. But, the poll addresses some burning questions that sports enthusiasts and professionals are all asking, including the length of time it will take for fans and the sports world to return to normalcy. And what will the new “normal” look like?

As some politicians ponder banning all large sporting events for the remainder of the year, our poll finds the majority of sports insiders believe sports operations will resume by this fall. They also believe the best way sports properties can stay engaged with fans in the meantime is by helping athletes produce more user-generated content to share on social media and digital platforms.

On a more optimistic note, industry executives expect that the disruption to live sporting events will further fuel sports fandom when the industry inevitably bounces back. However, over half of the respondents surveyed believe that the top 100 sponsors in sports will reduce their spending for the remainder of 2020.

MarketCast Sports Poll

1. Approximately when do you think the business of sports in the U.S. will return to normalcy?


2. How will fans respond to the eventual return of live sports?


3. Which of the following is the best approach for sports properties to remain engaged with fans at the moment?


4. How will the top 100 sponsors in sports operate once sports return to normalcy?


5. Which of the following is your go to alternative to the limited social interactions at the moment?


6. Thinking about your own particular business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months for your own business?



In addition to our monthly Sports Poll, MarketCast Sports is tracking the impact of COVID-19 on U.S. sports fans and is sharing these insights with clients now. To learn more, contact us.