MarketCast Virtual Pilot Testing

Traditional in-person pilot testing is expensive to plan and operate, and also challenging to scale. Our virtual approach to online TV pilot testing removes the challenges of finding the right people, in the right location, on the right day and time.

Secure, Flexible & Accurate.

Safe & Secure

Leverages a platform that is battle-tested with media content and accredited by major security organizations.

Fast & Flexible

Virtual testing works around client schedules and is not restricted to specific locations and days.

Detailed & Accurate

In-depth analysis with targeted sample delivers accurate data and insights.

Target Audience Segments

Unlike traditional pilot screenings, MarketCast can deliver audience segments that are right for the program’s content and marketing strategy, with the ability to focus on specific genders, generations, diverse groups and geographic regions.

Virtual Focus Groups

To dive deeper into audience feedback, TV networks and studios can add MarketCast Virtual Focus Groups to any TV Pilot Screening to further explore the feelings and opinions of respondents. These moderator-driven discussions tap an advanced interactive platform to engage small groups and delve into the “why” behind the numbers.

Real-Time, Emotional Analysis

An AI-based platform measures micro-facial expressions through the respondent’s Web camera to capture “in-the-moment” emotional responses to movie content. This privacy compliant software helps network marketers and researchers analyze and understand what engages audiences throughout the story – diving into which themes and plot points get viewers to lean-in or tune out.

World Class Security

Our exclusive online testing is built on a world-class security platform that leverages watermarking, secure servers and airtight virtual processes with backstops to protect against potential leaks. With accreditation from Hollywood’s Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and ISE Tier 1 and ISO 27001 certification, MarketCast Virtual Screenings set the industry standard for content security.

Virtual Screening Features

  • Standard sample size of 300 highly targeted respondents.
  • The ability to focus audience on Genre, Fanship, Ethnicity, Race, Sexual Identity, Religion and Politics.
  • A mix of cognitive and subconscious analysis that captures audience emotions and top-of-mind reactions.
  • Online focus groups of 4-6 respondents to ensure engagement.

Client Benefits

  • Understand the ebb and flow of emotions, level of satisfaction with the storyline and ending, with the ability to dig deep into what viewers like and don’t like.
  • Identify engagement and the impact of specific moments, pinpointing areas of confusion that might cause audiences to disconnect.
  • Go beyond the “favorite” star to understand how fans connect with all the characters and which ones stand out.
  • Tailored to address unique client challenges with no travel time or lengthy recruitment process.

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