Introducing MarketCast Streaming Tracker

Competition is heating up among streaming services, making it critical to understand how subscribers are engaging with your original and licensed content. MarketCast Streaming Tracker goes beyond traditional ratings to deliver a first-of-its-kind, syndicated report that analyzes content performance and subscriber satisfaction across streaming audiences, content and platforms.

A Streaming Fandom Index.


Determines if viewers have watched original series or library catalog shows recently.


Identifies which programs fans are screaming about most on social media and digital platforms.


Asks if subscribers can attribute a show with the correct platform where they watched it.

A Measure of Platform Performance

MarketCast Streaming Tracker identifies subscriber perceptions of the most popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, BET+, Disney+, Facebook Watch, Apple TV+ and others, to determine the factors shaping subscription loyalty and spending.

Topping the Charts

Twice a month, MarketCast provides Top 25 charts covering Fan Engagement, Evangelism and Halo for both original and library series, as well as insights about key drivers for bi-weekly chart changes.

Insights and Consumer Trends

As consumer behavior shifts, MarketCast analyzes spending on subscription services and forecasts future spend, including the average number of video streaming services people are paying for and actively using. Diving deeper, MarketCast uncovers the drivers of consumer satisfaction, including availability of new content, hard to find genres and value for money compared to other services.

Streaming Tracker Features

  • Blended methodology featuring survey-based tracking and social tracking.
  • Collects data from over 1.5M social media posts and 1,000 survey respondents per week, rolling up our insights into bi-weekly reporting.
  • Tracks more than 700 original and library series with reporting covering the Top 150+ series.
  • Covering major streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, BET+, Disney+, Facebook Watch, Apple TV+ and others.

Client Benefits

  • First and only streaming reporting metrics for audience, content and platform performance.
  • Provides streaming services and content creators a comparative view into how their content is performing.
  • Delivers insights that help programmers and marketers understand the overall success of programming decisions and marketing campaigns.
  • Easy-to-understand metrics that don’t require an advanced degree in data science.

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