In this month’s MarketCast Sports Poll, we uncover the key drivers contributing to the widely anticipated rebound for sports businesses, and the trends set to lead the way based on the opinions of industry experts surveyed.  

Interestingly, an overwhelming 94% of those who contributed to the MarketCast Sports Poll believe that partnerships between TV networks and betting companies will expand in 2021. The wave of optimism surrounding sports betting doesn’t stop there, in fact 86% are convinced that the growth of sports betting sponsorships will accelerate by this time next year.  

Over the past 12 months, the NFL, NBA, MLB and every other professional league has transitioned from a stop-start schedule to an incredibly cluttered calendar – due to COVID-19 – as federations and leagues attempt to complete their respective competitions without further virus disruptions.  

In most cases, fans are still limited in returning to sports venues to support their favorite teams and athletes. Nonetheless, sports are still being televised, challenging league and team sponsors to find new and innovative ways to engage with fans. It is, however, the more traditional sponsorship mediums that our poll suggests will grow this year, with 94% believing that jersey patch logo-style sponsor placement on athlete uniforms will increase. Read on and delve into further findings. 

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MarketCast Sports Poll

1. The College Football Playoff committee selected Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Notre Dame as the participants in this year’s competition, with Texas A&M and Cincinnati left out. Would you say their decision on participating schools was predominantly influenced by… 


2. How do you expect the following sports industry trends to evolve in 2021? 


3. Looking ahead to this time next year, which of the following things do you think will have happened? (Select all that apply)


4. What is the best opportunity for college athletics to grow revenue in 2021?


5. What is the first wearable technology brand that comes to mind? (Write-in; top mentions) 


6. Which of the following describes you as a wearable technology user? 


7. Which of the following wearable technology use cases offers the biggest growth opportunity for the category? 


8. Which market has the bigger upside for wearable technology companies? 


9. Creating more communal dining / party spaces was one of the biggest trends in sports venue construction or renovations prior to COVID-19. How will venue operators adjust in the near future, if at all? 


10. Which of the following live event venues that were recently constructed, renovated or set to be constructed/renovated in 2021 are you most interested in attending? 


11.One Question on the Lighter Side: 

What is your favorite holiday movie or TV special? (Write-in; top mentions) 


12. Thinking about your own particular business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months for your own business?