The long-awaited return of fans to sports stadiums around the globe feels closer than ever, especially with public confidence rising as the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues at pace in the U.S. In this month’s Sports Poll, in addition to reviewing industry optimism, we’ve taken a look at the evolving ticketing trends concerning teams and leagues, as well as reviewing the standout characteristics we’re seeing emerge from new leagues with new formats.

Trends in Ticketing

Interestingly, the sports industry is leaning towards a paperless ticket model, and, according to our poll, we should expect teams and leagues to initiate the transition to paperless over the next 2 years. The acceleration of this could also be fuelled by COVID-19, in a bid to minimize unnecessary physical interactions.

When will the sports industry transition to a fully paperless ticketing model?

Who should be allowed to have access to consumer ticketing data collected at sporting events through mobile ticketing platforms, and in what form?

Aside from lead generation, what do you believe mobile ticketing data is most useful for?

Trends in Emerging Sports

Turning to the latest trends and developments surrounding new sports leagues, of those surveyed by our poll, Premier Lacrosse League is the most recognized – with 83% of sports insiders polled having heard of the emerging league. In addition to this, 17% believe if they were a brand, they would be more comfortable spending their budget on a partnership with Premier Lacrosse League or NBA 2K League than any other emerging league listed.

Which of the following emerging leagues have you heard of?


If you were a brand executive, which of the following emerging leagues would you choose to partner with?


Which of the following benefits is most appealing to a sponsor of an emerging league?


Our final call out from this month’s Poll results gives spotlight to the business outlook in the industry, and, it appears to be stabilizing, although, we are still not yet at pre-pandemic levels.

Thinking about your own business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months?