MarketCast Fast Focus

As media cycles intensify and studio portfolios expand, it is critical to have research services that are nimble enough to keep pace with the industry’s demand for knowledge. With MarketCast Fast Focus, studios, streaming services and brands can now field and finish custom research projects in just seven days.

Fast, Focused & Effective

Fast & Agile

Ability to quickly launch research projects and receive results within 7 days from sign-off.

Accurate & Detailed

Delivers high quality, accurate research and data that provides meaningful and critical insights.

Cost Effective

Standardized pricing lets research and marketing teams stretch tight budgets.

Concepts, Positioning + Post-Release Studies

MarketCast Fast Focus concentrates on these three critical points during the life cycle of a movie, TV show or an original series: Concept Testing, Positioning Studies and Post-Release Analysis. This focus enables MarketCast to standardize its approach to the research and client deliverables, and enables the creation of data-driven insights that are easy to understand and execute upon.

Multi-Method Approach

Featuring a unique, multi-method approach to research, MarketCast Fast Focus combines a survey of 500 qualified respondents with analysis of social media conversations from self-identified fans of franchises, characters and brands. The result is deep, informative research that is integrated into a standardized, visually-intuitive report.

Scalable, Streamlined Research

Custom research projects often take time and resources to plan, launch and field. Fast Focus streamlines traditional custom research, making it scalable across content portfolios and attractive for even the tightest budgets. Featuring a standard, repeatable process, Fast Focus provides the ability to launch multiple studies at the same time and receive results within days.

Fast Focus Features

  • Standard sample size of 500 survey respondents.
  • Balanced survey evenly split by age - ranging from 18-49 years of age.
  • Qualified, consumer samples of movie, TV and streaming fans as well as targeted social cohorts across social media.
  • Survey panel consists of self-identified fans of franchises, characters and brands.

Client Benefits

  • A cost-effective research solution that delivers world-class insights in just 7 days from kickoff.
  • Early concept evaluations to understand audience interest in storylines, franchises and characters.
  • Determine audience interest for specific products and content and get initial feedback on marketing messages.
  • Understand audience feedback once content or products are released into market to help refine marketing strategy.

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