We're Fanatical About Building Brands

The power of fandom is as true for cult brands as it is market leaders and disruptors. Whether you are a craft beermaker trying to stay true to your roots or an athleisure brand launching a new line of cross-fit kicks, we provide data-driven research and analytics to help find, connect and engage the fans who will have the most impact on your business.

Map the Fanscape

Identify the fans who will be most interested in following, purchasing and evangelizing your products and services – with MarketCast audience segmentation studies.

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Optimize Campaign Creative

Perfect ad campaign creative, social posts and go-to-market messaging - with MarketCast’s world-class analysis of creative assets.

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Monitor Sentiment

Detect shifts in consumer moods, sentiments and tastes before they go mainstream – with MarketCast’s Real Time Analytics.

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Trend Reports: Measuring Fan Passion

We monitor fan passion across consumer segments, geographies and generations – detecting emerging trends and the social and cultural shifts that can reveal opportunities for brands to innovate, breakout and disrupt the marketplace. We bundle these findings into a series of MarketCast Trend Reports, which help inform brand strategies and product roadmaps.

Modern Research for Agile Product Development

The MarketCast strategy development team provides research and analytics to inform every aspect of product development - from concept ideation to prototype testing with real fans to get real feedback. We arm product teams with powerful insights to pinpoint new features, define pricing models, as well as identify potential guardrails for new product introductions.

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World Class Brand Tracking

MarketCast Brand Tracking combines our quantitative muscle with always-on social monitoring and qualitative deep dives to truly understand fan relationships with your brand and products. Our reporting distills the drivers of brand performance, and takes the pulse of fans to identify key shifts in perceptions and behaviors, allowing marketers to fine-tune or rethink their strategies.

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Delivering the right methods to address the challenges of lifestyle brands.


Leverage proven methods and skilled moderators to dig deep below the surface to unearth what really influences and motivates fans.


Solve for a wide range of needs, from sizing and segmenting markets to testing concepts and assessing brand performance.

Cultural Insights

Examine the broader cultural landscape to get the complete picture – fueling hypotheses, enriching findings and revealing possibilities.

Getting Hyper About Local

Our research helps brands view local communities through a cultural, ethnographic and socio-economic lens to better understand the unique values and beliefs of people across all walks of life — at city, neighborhood and even street levels. Combined, the insights we deliver help marketers develop smarter local marketing campaigns with messages and creative that resonates and makes an impact with audiences.

Our Expert Practice Areas

A unique practice backed by world-class social science experts helping brands identify the underlying, unspoken drivers of how fans think, feel and behave.

MarketCast Kids

Led by a renowned team of kids and family researchers, MarketCast Kids focuses on creating media, brand and product strategies that are as good for business as they are for families.

Gen Z & Millennials

We’ve been studying Millennials and Gen Z since they were young kids and we understand how to develop media strategies, campaigns and products that speak to their values.

Gender & Identity

Gender today is fluid and identity is intersectional. We decode how these societal shifts impact attitudes and behaviors, helping brands and consumers navigate the complexity of modern identity.

We're fanatical about brands.

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