Are the Kids Really Alright?

It has been almost one year since the global pandemic entered our lives; impacting the way we socialize, interact and live our everyday lives. More than ever before, our culture has put a spotlight on the importance of maintaining one’s mental health, but how does this dialogue on mental health translate to younger people – specifically kids, tweens, and teens today?

The MarketCast team of kids, youth and family researchers set out to understand how kids from the U.S., South Korea and Germany (aged 7-15) are navigating these challenging times, in addition to how they define mental health, and the role different types of technology and media have on their journey.

Here are some of the topics covered in the study:

  • Explore how kids across race and nationalities truly feel about themselves
  • Evaluate the stressors having an impacting on kid’s lives
  • Delve into what kids define as mental health and how they process it
  • The effect different content types can have on a young person’s mind

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