For many, Halloween isn’t a single day, it’s a season – starting when the clock strikes midnight on October 1st or as soon as the first fall chill hits the air. Since most of us can’t dress up for Halloween every day, the best way to celebrate the spooky season is to binge creepy content from our favorite streamers.  

Fortunately, most major streamers are stepping up their Halloween game to satisfy the bloodlust for horror fans with branded hashtags for engagement, rolling content release schedules, and original content for spooky celebrations in October and beyond.  

So, who wins this year’s Halloween content contest? We checked in with MarketCast’s Real-Time Analytics team to find out!

Frighteningly Fun Halloween Hashtags

This year, we measured Halloween’s social hype using each streaming platform’s chosen Halloween hashtag, including #NetflixandChills, #Peacocktober, Disney’s #Hallowstream, Amazon’s #NowScreamingPV, Discovery’s #Ghostober, HBO Max’s #HalloweenisHere, Tubi’s #TerrorOnTubi, and #Huluween 

The hashtags are designed to drive subscribers to each streaming services Halloween hubs to help them discover new content to scream about. Combined, these spooktacular hashtags have generated more than 120,000 posts across social platforms, helping horror fans find killer movies and original series to watch this season.  

Which Series and Movies Killed it this Halloween Season?

So, what are fans watching most? MarketCast’s Streaming Tracker, which combines social analytics with a bi-weekly fandom survey, looked at the movies and series that were driving the most fan engagement and advocacy. Among 2021’s big winners were Halloween Kills (Peacock), which topped our streaming charts for two weeks in a row. Other frighteningly popular titles include Disney+’s Muppets Haunted Mansion, Netflix’s No One Gets Out Alive, and Amazon’s The Manor, which is part of its Blumhouse horror anthology on Prime Video.  

On the original series side, Hulu’s American Horror Story and Netflix’s You and Midnight Mass were fan favorites. And, we would be remiss not to mention Netflix’s Squid Game, which broke streaming and social media records worldwide.

You can check out all of the hashtags mentioned above to discover each streamer’s Halloween hubs, where you will find a wide range of content ranging from the completely terrifying to kid and teen friendly. 

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