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Led by a team of fanatical gamers, MarketCast’s unique mix of custom research, data science and content analytics helps game developers and marketers get into the heads of players to understand how they think, feel and behave. Covering every platform and medium imaginable, MarketCast research is trusted by the biggest players in the game.

Gamer Led Research and Data Science

Research & Insights

Qualitative and quantitative research that unpacks the societal, cultural and behavioral trends shaping the fast-changing video games business.

Creative Testing

Secure, pre-released trailer and gameplay testing to analyze player reactions to featured characters, storylines and sequences.

Digital Opinion Analytics

Analysis of millions of daily social media conversations to understand what players are sharing about their favorite titles, players, and leagues.

Gameplay Testing

MarketCast is the entertainment industry’s trusted source for content testing. Our proven platform mixes traditional quant and qual research with the ability to measure micro-facial expressions to capture “in-the-moment” emotional responses to game play sequences. This helps marketers and researchers analyze and understand what engages audiences throughout game – diving into which characters and scenarios get players to lean-in or hit pause.

Gamer Segmentation Studies

Discovering the right audience is as important to the games’ marketer as the gameplay itself. MarketCast segmentation research identifies the gamers and occasions that matter most for targeting and monetizing content. Our insights define critical fandom segments, identifies what connects them, and unlocks the marketing themes and positioning that resonates best.

Audience Activation

Once audience segments are defined, MarketCast’s data scientists helps marketers target and activate segments across media platforms and mediums. MarketCast can model and target TV ad buys based on Smart TV viewing behaviors, use third-party datasets to reach gamers on search and social, and use unique audience combinations to activate gamers across digital publishers.

Entertainment Tracking Calendar

As traditional entertainment windows transform, video games' marketers need to understand the range of competitive content facing them. MarketCast’s Entertainment Tracking Calendar follows release slates and schedules across publishers, content categories and platforms, allowing marketers to plan and program killer go-to-market strategies.

Measuring Social Opinions

MarketCast Real-Time Analytics gets into the social conversation. Our unique mix of machine-driven social media analysis and people-powered insights can spot emerging trends before they go mainstream, measure excitement and intent for titles, as well as identify the influencers who are shaping popular opinions and are moving the market.

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Brand Tracking with Game

MarketCast offers games publishers a fresh approach to brand tracking, one that fuses traditional survey-based tracking methodologies with big data analytics using Smart TV, retail and other data sources. Combined, this approach answers the “what” and “why” of fan behavior, helping marketers measure fan affinity across their title portfolio, as well as understand the success of their ongoing marketing efforts.

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Our Expert Practice Areas

A unique practice, supported by world-class researchers with backgrounds in psychology, child development and media content creation.

Kids & Family

Led by a renowned team of kids, youth and family researchers, MarketCast analyzes the thoughts and beliefs of young players and their parents as it relates to titles, franchises, genres and gameplay.

Gen Z & Millennials

We’ve been studying Millennials and Gen Z since they were young kids and we understand how to develop games content, products and marketing strategies that speak to their values.

Gender & Identity

Gender today is fluid and identity is intersectional. We decode how these societal shifts impact attitudes and behaviors, helping games publishers navigate the complexity of modern identity.

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