All Eyes Are On Tenet & Mulan

MarketCast is teasing out insights from the Tenet & Mulan social media buzz

As summer turns to fall and our kids get ready to go back to school (well, sort of), all eyes in Hollywood are once again fixed on this weekend’s releases of Warner Bros.’ Tenet and Disney’s Mulan. The fate of these two titles has hung in the balance for months as hopes for quick and speedy recovery from COVID-19 were dashed as cases surged and re-openings curbed.

With Tenet now marking the reopening of many movie theaters in the U.S. (except for many major markets), its box office draw will surely be viewed as an early indication of whether Americans are ready to go back to the theater during an ongoing pandemic.

On the flipside, Disney’s bold decision to move Mulan to Disney+ at a $30 price point will be seen as a watershed moment for the future of direct-to-consumer content.

But, what will fans actually do? Are they ready to head back to theaters? Will they accept a $30 price point for PVOD? To shed light on some of these questions, MarketCast is monitoring millions of social media conversations to tease out the following fandom insights about these two titles.

The following report takes a look at social media volume for both movies. Our analysts also looked at which regions in the U.S. are experiencing the most buzz for each movie and whether social media fans are intending to watch this weekend.

Report Key Take-Aways

  1. Social media volume for Tenet is more than twice the average from major theatrical releases.
  2. Mulan social media volume is higher than any other PVOD release this year.
  3. Both movies are tracking below the MarketCast social media norms for intent-to-see this weekend.
  4. Some Mulan fans are concerned about the price point on Disney+, and may hold out for a price drop.
  5. The Tenet audience is mostly concerned about returning to the theater during the pandemic.

In such an unusual year with two very different releases, how are fans feeling right now? Click below to check out the full report.

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