Granular Data Analytics

As audiences fragment across media services, platforms and devices, the number of data signals that are now available to marketers and content creators is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, more signal often means more noise. Now, with the addition of Deductive, MarketCast can digest a wider mix of signals and uniquely pair expert data science with world-class insights.

Unique Approach to Data Science

Innovative Approach

Infuses new data science and analytics to analyze large entertainment datasets.

Speed & Scale

Provides media companies the speed, depth and scale they need to meet today’s research demands.

Powerful Combination

Offers a powerful combination of advanced analytics with traditional insights derived from custom research.

Data Science Services

MarketCast provides a wide range of data science services that solve mission critical marketing and research challenges, putting big datasets to work for media companies and brands. With the ability to deploy powerful data science resources for both short and long-term client engagements, MarketCast addresses topics big and small – ranging from data normalization and building custom models to audience measurement services and predicting fan behavior.

Marketing Attribution

MarketCast's marketing attribution services help marketers create, track, optimize and measure cross-platform media campaigns. Clients can quickly ramp up campaigns and determine whether advertising is reaching its intended target audience and driving the right outcomes. Delivered through professional service engagements or via a self-service model, MarketCast Attribution can be quickly integrated on the client side and customized to meet any specific needs.

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Audience Services

Through set-top boxes, Smart TVs and other connected device data, MarketCast has the ability to manage and weight nationally representative audience panels. This ensures a representative view of audiences and their behavior on a national scale. MarketCast also has the flexibility to develop custom nationally representative panels using a client’s own dataset.

MarketCast Capabilities

  • Combining Datasets: From Smart TV and streaming data to match fabric, MarketCast works with all of the datasets that are key for data driven media.
  • Privacy Compliance: With so much data that can no longer be used by third party tools, MarketCast builds privacy-safe, in-house platforms for planning measurement and attribution.
  • Model Development: Develop models for measurement, attribution, posting and planning that are used to trade billions of dollars of advertising each year.
  • Data Management Tools: Ability to create tools to put data directly in front of media planners, sales teams and researchers.

Potential Use Cases

  • Media Targeting: Improves media buys and ad targeting by identifying audiences that are more likely to purchase a client’s products or content.
  • Fandom Analytics: Turbo charges first-party audience datasets by matching to relevant third-party datasets.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: Measures the impact of TV advertising, sports sponsorships and digital marketing campaigns based on consumer outcomes.
  • Predictive Analytics: Ability to build adaptive models, using first and third-party sources, to predict box office behavior, TV viewership and on-demand content purchasing.

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