MarketCast Attribution

MarketCast’s Attribution services leverage advanced data science to help marketers create, track, optimize and measure cross-platform media campaigns.

Smarter Media Attribution


MarketCast measures ad campaign performance across TV and digital platforms, providing unique insights into which ad investments contribute the most outcomes.

Need for Speed

Built for speed and flexibility, MarketCast Attribution can deliver insights and recommendations daily, while campaigns are in flight.

Customizable Approach

Unlike other one-size-fits-all platforms, MarketCast Attribution can be customized to measure specific objectives of a marketing campaign.

True Multi-touch Attribution

Most marketing attribution services give credit to the first, the last, or a combination of the most recent media to expose consumers to the ad before they make a conversion. This often results in a bias toward Web search and digital media, ignoring other mediums. By contrast, MarketCast uses Shapley values from game theory to measure the full contribution of each media platform in an advertising campaign. This helps advertisers identify the media mix that led to the most effective outcomes.

TV + Digital Attribution

Through its acquisition of TV data science pioneer, Deductive, MarketCast is now in the unique position to measure marketing attribution across a wide range of TV and digital media platforms. MarketCast can measure the impact of specific creative and campaigns from Linear, On-Demand and Addressable TV using Smart TV, cable set-top box and other TV datasets. On the digital media side, MarketCast uses its own certified pixel solution to identify consumer conversions from digital publishers, including major news media and lifestyle publishers.

Measuring Sponsorship Impact

MarketCast’s expertise in sports and live event research is combined with our attribution model to help clients understand the direct impact of sports and live event sponsorships on consumer actions. By connecting a wide range of consumer data sets, including Smart TV and set-top box data, and retail purchases, MarketCast can help clients go beyond typical media valuation models to understand how sponsorships lead to consumer purchases and grow the bottom line.

MarketCast Certified Pixel

MarketCast’s Pixel (formerly Deductive) has measured digital ad views and digital program views across a wide range of digital publishers and OTT services. The MarketCast Pixel can safely capture consumer device information as well as time-stamped events including video views, app installations and openings, and online purchases. The pixel has been certified by 50 leading digital media organizations, including CBS, Disney, Hulu, Pandora and the Wall Street Journal.

MarketCast Attribution Features

  • Combines advanced data science with expert research analysis to deliver insights that help clients make sense of their marketing investments.
  • Ability to track a wide range of consumer outcomes, including TV tune-in, subscriber acquisition, sponsorship impact, and retail and online purchases.
  • MarketCast Attribution can be offered as a professional service and through a self-service platform.

Client Benefits

  • Speed: reporting and insights are quickly delivered to provide success metrics for brand marketing teams to act upon them while campaigns are in-flight.
  • Clarity: Make sense of the growing number of marketing data signals, providing a clear picture of how campaign and creative assets are performing.
  • Comprehensive: Provides the ability to track consumer conversions using a wide range of first and third-party datasets, from Smart TV and connected devices to retail purchase data.
  • Flexibility: Customized approach that maps to specific client KPIs and integrates with client-side systems and workflows.

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