The Barometer for Brands

MarketCast Brand Tracking follows fan sentiment through a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative research, social media signals and advanced analytics. Combined, these data points provide a powerful view of what the brand stands for today, in the mind of consumers, as well as where it could be in the future.

Understand Brand Performance

Get a read on existing fans and key targets by measuring the marketing funnel - from awareness to fandom.

Measure Brand Perceptions

Analyze fan perceptions of brands and related product portfolios and pinpoint the specific attributes that define the brand and help it grow.

Map the Landscape

Track fan attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of competing brands and products in like categories – and diagnose barriers for growth.

Whatever Your Business, We Get Your Fans.

MarketCast’s research and analytics teams leverage their qualitative, quantitative and cultural research muscles to create tracking solutions that cross a range of categories and client segments, from global telecoms and adult beverages to upstart clothing brands and the hippest, most happening eateries.

A Holistic View of Fandom

MarketCast captures fan perceptions at key moments in time to help marketers pinpoint the factors shaping brand health. Our team of social scientists and strategists immerse themselves in every brand tracking project, working closely with clients to craft multi-phase studies to evaluate brands and positioning from every possible angle.

Know If Campaigns are Delivering

MarketCast digs deep to pinpoint the consumer touchpoints that impact how fans think and feel about your brand and product portfolio. We evaluate awareness and fan recall of advertising campaigns, across media and event activations, to understand what resonates and what needs revising.

MarketCast Brand Tracking Capabilities that Stand Out

Tailored KPIs

Proven category-specific metrics, customized to show how brand health relates to business performance.

Adaptable Structure

Adapt to shifting client needs with a responsive team, flexible survey modules and the ability to scale up as your business grows.

Actionable Results

Good data and tangible recommendations identify paths to build the brand, create fans, optimize experiences and fine-tune marketing campaigns.

We’re brand tracking fanatics

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