The Rise of the Music Docuseries

Filmmakers have long been telling stories about musicians and big musical milestones, but, it goes without saying that last year could easily be considered the year of the music docuseries as streaming services poured millions of investment dollars into the genre. To get a better understanding of the docuseries landscape...

Halloween’s Streaming Wars

For many, Halloween isn’t a single day, it’s a season – starting when the clock strikes midnight on October 1st or as soon as the first fall chill hits the air. Since most of us can’t dress up for Halloween every day, the best way to celebrate the spooky season is to binge creepy content from our favorite streamers.

Movie Trailers: Fall Fan Faves

Fall Colors. Sweaters. Holidays. Few things represent late summer and fall more than curling up with a favorite streaming flick or heading to the movie theater to avoid holiday crowds, making sure to show up early to catch the newest trailers.