Wayfair is the latest brand to take a political stance — and it did not go unnoticed, with over 341,000 unique social users voicing their opinions on Wayfair’s decision to sell furniture to migrant detention centers.

72% of those expressing an opinion disagreed with the retailer’s choice to fulfill and earn a profit from the $200,000 order. Not only did consumers disagree with the brand’s position, but also 12% of people discussing this on social shared their plans to boycott the brand as well as all affiliates (Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold).

Additionally, mentions stemming from real consumers who said they would cancel planned purchases or make a return due to their disagreement with Wayfair’s decision made up 5% of brand mentions.

Alternatively, positive mentions (28% of organic opinions) were fueled by self-reported Republicans who criticized Liberals for wanting to deny those living in the camp a comfortable place to sleep. However, those supporting Wayfair were less likely to use their wallets to voice their opinions, with only 2% of mentions stemming from those planning to make a support-driven purchase.

So is it worth it for companies to take a hard stance and make a political statement? Yes, if you know your consumer.

Patagonia has been able to successfully build its consumer base out of fans who share a very similar set of values.

Fizziology looked at the organic opinions of consumers over the past three years, and each time Patagonia released a significant campaign, announcement, or politically-fueled statement, the company consistently saw a positively-trending cause and effect with its core consumers.

These announcements, which include using a $10 million tax cut to fight climate change and seeking action against the elimination of protected land, were celebrated by those who self-describe themselves as outdoor enthusiasts.

While it’s no surprise that this outdoor-loving audience reacted positively to these announcements, what is surprising is that these fleece-vest-wearing “tech bro” consumers were also interested in and supportive of Patagonia’s initiatives. This tech community used these announcements as an opportunity to positively discuss Patagonia and strengthen their relationships with and devotion to the brand.