Market Tested, Fan Approved.

Media and entertainment consumption habits are shifting seismically and advertising channels continue to fragment across platforms and devices. So, it’s more important than ever to understand how to engage fans with advertising creative and content that makes a true impact.

Ad Creative. Tried, Tested and Ready for Takeoff

Before ad campaigns take flight, MarketCast dives deep into the creative assets to analyze key scenes, dialogue, characters, visual elements and soundtracks. This generates a powerful mix of qualitative and quantitative data to help marketers and researchers fine-tune campaigns across every venue, device and platform imaginable.

Our Marketing Optimization Flow

Identify Fanbase

Define fan segments, concepts and creative hooks to be analyzed – present them to fans in a safe, secure testing environment.

Test and Analyze

Obsessively analyze quantitative and qualitative fan data – translate complex datasets into easy-to-understand insights.

Supercharge Creative

Formulate fan feedback into straightforward recommendations – for optimizing advertising creative and messaging.

Designed Around Your Deadline

The MarketCast portfolio of content testing supports a wide range of strategies, demands and deadlines, from theatrical releases with long lead times to streaming and broadcast promotions requiring tight turnarounds.

MarketCast Creative Testing Capabilities that Stand Out

Our methods are scalable to support the biggest campaigns on the planet and agile enough to meet the tightest of deadlines


Our methodologies and benchmarks set the standard for studios, streaming services, sports leagues and brands.


MarketCast has created a secure testing environment leveraging watermarks, secure servers and other capabilities.


Supports a wide range of content and creative testing, from TV promos for professional sports leagues to blockbuster theatrical releases.

We're fanatical about making fans.

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