The Harry’s House Listening Party

It's Harry's World, We're All Just Living In It

Harry Styles is a bona fide mega hit solo artist. Having just released his 3rd album, Harry’s House, Styles is breaking records while forging his own path. He has steadily become the full entertainment package, (with a new acting credit on the way this fall, in Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling), and has managed to remain unapologetically himself in the process. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie

It’s been just over a week since Harry’s House dropped, and clearly the album is not disappointing. Styles topped the biggest vinyl sales week in the US in just three days, while also earning the most first-day Apple Music streams for a pop album in 2022, in just two hours. The album was an instant hit on social as well - amassing north of 1.6M mentions in its first 5 days of release.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Social mentions of fans listening to Harry’s House through Spotify and Apple Music were nearly in-line during its release week, and a staggering 47 percent of the social conversation about the album also included fan photos, videos, or GIFs - indicative of strong online fandom.

Styles seems to have pulled off one of the hardest tricks in pop, the transition from boy-band, manufactured scream-inducing teen idol to more mature artist. Apple Music’s announcement that the One Night Only in New York album release party would be live-streamed to subscribers (and again the next day for free), generated nearly 300K social mentions alone. Nearly 50 percent of the live-stream conversation came from unique audiences, suggesting the buzz was widespread among the Harry Styles fandom and broader music fans. In fact, 65 percent was organic, coming from real fans who either watched live or engaged with those who did.

The Apple Music live-stream and surrounding album coverage also led to a 45 percent spike in Apple Music's social conversation on the day Harry’s House released and a 25 percent increase in fans who said they intended to subscribe to the Apple platform.

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The Binary & Beyond: Youth and Gender Identity

New Youth Study: The Binary & Beyond

In our latest study, the MarketCast Youth & Identity team takes a close look at what’s influencing the gender conversation among today’s youth and young adults, while also uncovering the ways brands and media companies can engage in the conversation.

Gender Norms are the Earliest and Most Influential Social Cues

Over the years, it has become evident that gender greatly impacts the development of identity and self. However, gender is a continuously growing and evolving topic of conversation, with a variety of views held – and challenged – by individuals, institutions, and organizations.

Focusing on three markets, USA, South Korea and Germany, here are some key take-aways from our “The Binary & Beyond” study:

  • Gender biases influence passions: More than 40% of young people feel traditional gender norms still dictate what they can and can’t do.
  • Language is critical: Individual pronouns are the most prominent identifier for young people to define and re-define their gender.
  • Social media is core to the conversation: Gender hashtags generate billions of views on TikTok, rivaling other top trending topics.
  • Entertainment has a powerful voice: 78% of parents feel media and celebrities have a strong influence on their kids’ gender.

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