The MarketCast Summer Playlist

From wickedly dark comedies to Japanese role-playing games, here’s what MarketCasters are watching, listening to, and playing most this summer, in their own words:

TV Series

Annika Larson, Sr. Account Manager, Entertainment

White Lotus

“It’s darkly funny as a social satire. Keeps you guessing about the central mystery throughout the whole show and the characters are unsettling (esp. the teenagers, who are iconic and scare me).”

Jacob Stein, Manager, Sports & Live Events


“It’s a fun parodical comedy with a very talented cast poking fun and paying homage to long time musical theatre tropes. Have long time been a fan of Cecily Strong and Keegan Michael-Key from each of their sketch comedy backgrounds, and loved what they both bring to this show. Those that love silly comedy and musical theatre will definitely enjoy it.”

Ross White, Survey Programmer

Ted Lasso

“I love the heart it has. Ted Lasso has an undeniable positivity towards everything.”


Danielle Waggoner, Director, Entertainment

The Green Knight

“I’ve had my schedule cleared to watch it for MONTHS. It was much more layered than I expected, and I loved the cinematography, score, and tone. Highly recommend for anyone looking to celebrate Dev Patel Summer with the rest of the internet.”

Garrett Tice, Market Research Analyst

Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad has all of the over-the-top James Gunn humor (guardians of the galaxy), the action scenes are intense with characters like Harley Quinn and Bloodsport but comedic with characters like the Weasel and King Shark. It has the violence and action fans want and also the funny comedic moments of dialogue between the characters.”


Reuben Baron, Research Assistant

Billie Eilish – Happier than Ever

“I think she’s got a great voice and the songs on her new album do a good job melding personal struggles with optimism.”

Christy Wong, Analyst, Custom Research

Cure for Me – Aurora

“I really love the beat of the song and her unique voice—plus I think the message of the song is so positive! Basically, being unapologetically yourself and not having to change to someone’s expectations. I’d recommend it to others because I always feel like it’s the lesser-known artists/interesting take on melodies that deserve more credit!”

Bill Bordogna, Product Manager

Aaliyah’s Digital Debut on Spotify

“As a 90s kid it’s hard to think of a more impactful artist than Aaliyah. Her music and videos were ubiquitous, and everything she did just seemed effortless. I’m most excited for the streaming release of One in a Million – it’ll be nice to be able to finally retire some 20+ year old CDs in a few weeks.”

Noah Beam, Sr. Analyst

Petey – Lean Into Life

“Petey exemplifies the glamour of seemingly unexemplary activities like going on walks and talking with your friends, reminding us to lean into life through his unique sound of indie-punk-emo-pop. I’m also really looking forward to the release of the full album.”


Meghan Cridland, Associate Director, Qualitative UX Research

Your Own Backyard

It’s actually the only podcast I’ve listened to, and I inhaled it. The story of Kristin Smart’s disappearance is so frustrating and captivating – the story telling is well structured, and, importantly, the author is very respectful of the family and subject matter. The podcast’s popularity reignited public interest and brought in new tips, and in the spring of this year they arrested someone. The preliminary hearing started last week and is ongoing throughout the month!

Aaron Frey, Director, Creative Services

Irregular Warfare

“I listen to it for a perspective shift. The discussions with academics, policymakers, and military leaders shine light on the strategic considerations and political/bureaucratic contexts shaping a range of geopolitical situations. The focus on conflict also brings an interesting POV on emerging technologies that are not far removed from the consumer realm (e.g., social media disinformation, 5G rollout, AI/algorithms, drone advances).”

Joe Matas, Sr. Director, Real-Time Analytics

Dr Death S3

“It’s a gripping and well told podcast that plays out like a thriller week over week. It also exposes some of the systematic problems within the health care industry that allowed avoidable tragic events to happen.”

Video Games

Ivana Mora, Sr. Analyst

Assassin’s Creed

“Assassin’s Creed is always on the top of my list. Right now, I’m playing Assassin’s Creed Origins, making my way through the series. I just love the series and happy to find out what happens next.  I have played all of the AC games since AC 1.  I like the way it tackles social justice issues, and I enjoy the game play, parkour and stabby murder is always cathartic.”

Andy Princep, Data Scientist

Monster Hunters 2

“It features a fully-realised cast of voiced characters and a story that is told with a lot of heart, including an expansive amount of post-story content.  Mechanically MHS2 is everything Pokemon fans wish they were getting and more – with a strategically deep turn-based team combat system, and a complex gene-swapping system allowing you to customise the Monsties you collect for a rewarding ‘catch them all’ experience.”