November: Big 12 Could Benefit the Most from Adding New Member

1. Which Power 5 conference can benefit the most from adding new members?

Big 12 – 37%
ACC – 18%
Pac-12 – 1%
Big 10 – 9%
SEC – 6%
Not sure / No response – 19%

2. Which of the following scenarios for the evolution of the Power 5 conferences would you most like to see?

Expansion to a Power 6 or Power 7 scenario –  30%
Status quo – 29%
Consolidation to a “Super League” with top 20-24 programs – 16%
Consolidation to a Power 3 or Power 4 scenario – 9%
Not sure / No response – 16%

3. Which of the following participants in recent conference realignment gained the most?

Rutgers – 19%
West Virginia – 17%
Utah – 13%
Louisville – 8%
Maryland – 6%
Nebraska – 5%
Colorado – 2%
Not sure / No response – 30%

4. Which of the following is the most popular non-Power 5 conference in college athletics?

American Athletic Conference – 31%
Conference USA – 12%
Atlantic 10 Conference – 11%
Ivy League – 10%
Mountain West Conference – 8%
West Coast Conference – 5%
Not sure / No response – 23%

5. Which of the following tactics would be most effective at ensuring fans are in their seats and contributing to a team’s home-field advantage?

Optimizing in-seat service –  39%
Expanding the concession stand capacity / speed of service – 20%
Devising strategies that motivate fans to arrive early – 19%
Limiting the amount of premium seating and social spaces in the lower bowl – 15%
Not sure / No response – 7%

6. When watching sports on TV and the camera pans the crowd and you see large swaths of empty seats, your first thought is…?

This team has attendance problems – 90%
These fans must be hanging out in lounges and other premium seating areas – 7%
Not sure / No response – 3%

7. If you were a team owner, would you rather emphasize …?

Offering great amenities and fan experience to maximize revenue – 73%
Having the most avid fans in seats closest to the field to enhance the home-field advantage – 27%
Not sure / No response – 0%

8. Teams in which of the following leagues have done the best job of adding or improving venue amenities without detracting from the team’s home-field advantage?

NBA – 26%
MLB – 20%
NFL – 17%
MLS – 16%
NHL – 10%
Not sure / No response – 11%

9. Which of the following is the biggest threat to teams’ home-field advantage?

Ever improving home-viewing experience – 48%
Rising cost of attendance – 42%
Increasing number of premium seating areas – 9%
Not sure / No response – 1%

10. For the next venue construction boom, what type of venue should pro sports properties be designing?

Small venues that offer an optimal at-event atmosphere and aesthetic on TV – 93%
Large venues that accommodate the maximum number of attendees – 7%
Not sure / No response – 3%

11. Enhancing which of the following areas would most positively impact the live event experience of female fans?

Restrooms – 43%
Social gathering areas – 25%
Protection from the elements – 16%
Concessions – 7%
Not sure / No response – 9%

12. The final stages of competition of which of the following fall season sports have you enjoyed the most so far?

MLB – 53%
PGA Tour – 18%
MLS – 6%
Professional tennis – 3%
IndyCar – 1%
Not sure / No response – 11%

13. USOC’s move to decertify USA Gymnastics…

Was the logical next step in the process 43%
Was overdue – 34%
Was not a good idea – 4%
Not sure / No response – 19%

One Question on the Lighter Side:

14. This Thanksgiving, you crave…

A baked turkey – 59%
A deep-fried turkey – 22%
Anything but turkey – 16%
Not sure / No response – 3%

15. Thinking about your own particular business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months for your own business?

7 – Extremely optimistic – 12%
6 – Very optimistic – 40%
5 – Somewhat optimistic – 33%
4 – Neither optimistic nor pessimistic – 8%
3 – Somewhat pessimistic – 4%
2 – Very pessimistic – 2%
1 – Extremely pessimistic – 1%
Not sure / No response – 0%

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Jeremy Radisich Named President of MarketCast

Elevation Streamlines Client Experience and Company Management Structure for Leading Provider of Marketing Research Services and Data Analytics Servicing the Global Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles, CA – December 6, 2018 – Jeremy Radisich has been named president of MarketCast, it was announced today by MarketCast Group CEO Henry Shapiro. With continued oversight of MarketCast’s Campaign Analytics group, Radisich will add responsibility for the firm’s Franchise & Content Strategy unit (“FCS”).

MarketCast’s Campaign Analytics group is the leading provider of iterative testing and benchmarking services that underpin the development of worldwide marketing campaigns for most releases of premium film, TV, and streaming content. FCS offers data-driven research solutions across the content lifecycle – from concept studies to post-release deep-dives and brand tracking – for a diverse set of clients across theatrical, interactive gaming, and streaming.

Since joining MarketCast in 1999, Radisich has been a trusted advisor to marketers, researchers, strategists, and creative executives across hundreds of marketing campaigns and entertainment franchises, and has been instrumental in expanding the firm’s client roster from a handful of domestic US movie studios to dozens of the most influential content creators and distributors in the world.

“Jeremy brings decades of passion and experience to this expanded role,” said Shapiro, “and combining Campaign Analytics and FCS under a single management structure makes a ton of sense, especially since so much of MarketCast’s work involves franchises that don’t exist just as a single viewing occasion, but are nurtured and managed across all forms of consumer experiences, from movies to theme parks to episodic TV and streaming to video games, and beyond.”

Radisich added, “For years our marketing-oriented Campaign Analytics and strategy-focused FCS divisions have worked alongside each other — but in my new position I’m happy to be able to work directly with the fantastic analysts and researchers who make up the FCS team. This is an exciting opportunity to leverage the combined strength of both groups in a manner that will benefit both longstanding and new clients.”


About MarketCast:

Established in 1988, MarketCast LLC ( provides marketing research and data analytics services for the global entertainment industry. With offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Indianapolis, and London, MarketCast specializes in research-based consulting, testing, and benchmarking services that support entertainment marketers and researchers in strategic decision making at every stage of the content lifecycle. MarketCast’s services are available worldwide and include materials testing (trailers, TV spots, digital campaigns), and exit polls, along with a wide range of custom offerings, from concept and positioning studies to brand tracking and franchise studies. MarketCast, along with its sister companies Insight Strategy Group, Fizziology, and Turnkey Intelligence, are business units of MarketCast Group, a portfolio company of Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York.


Press Contact:
Jenny Matkovich