Fizziology and Turnkey Intelligence Debut Sponsor Breakthrough Offering

INDIANAPOLIS–November 28, 2018–Fizziology, a social media research and analytics firm, today announces its Sponsor Breakthrough offering in partnership with fellow MarketCast Group company Turnkey Intelligence, a preeminent sports research and advisory firm. The Sponsor Breakthrough offering, which analyzes both historical sponsorship research metrics and social media conversation, allows brands to measure and evaluate the impact of sports sponsorships.

“We have more than 12 years of historical data that paints a great picture of fan behavior and attitudes towards sponsors across sports and entertainment,” said Haynes Hendrickson, general manager at Turnkey Intelligence. “With Fizziology, we’re upping the ante — adding rich social insights to create a holistic view that fuels successful sponsorship decisions.”

Turnkey Intelligence has been providing best-in-class, independent research to teams, leagues and brands for more than 20 years. The company’s full suite of data-driven services, including fan experience tracking, sponsorship valuation and measurement, ticketing strategy, and creative/media optimization are now made more powerful with rich insights from fan conversations happening online. Fizziology’s proprietary technology enables brands to drill down on organic, fan-driven conversations that matter, giving brands an inside look at their perception among individual sports enthusiasts.

Brands can expect to receive findings on unaided sponsor recall, official sponsor status, and sponsor recall across leagues. Recent, unreleased findings from a 2018 NBA Sponsor Breakthrough study include:

  • NBA team jersey patch sponsors (GE, Goodyear and Stubhub) generated sponsor association rates similar to or better than official league sponsors (Kia, Mobil, Verizon, and Kumho) despite the smaller spend
  • Nike dominates in unaided sponsor recall across the NBA. The brand is consistently identified more frequently than both Under Armour and Adidas, regardless of apparel sponsorship status
  • (2017) Fans of Major League Soccer are most likely to support brands that are official league sponsors (75 percent), followed by NASCAR and the NHL

“In conjunction with Turnkey Intelligence, we’re deepening the understanding that brands and sports leagues have of their fans,” said Rich Calabrese, executive vice president at Fizziology. “Social data provides an unedited, real-time look into fan feedback. We’re looking forward to working with Turnkey to continue helping brands gain loyalty with customers through these insights.”

About Fizziology:

Founded in 2009, Fizziology ( is a global audience insights company that delivers business-critical social media analytics, research, and services to key industries including media and entertainment, sports, travel and tourism, and lifestyle brands. The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis and has offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, and St. Louis, in addition to local market expert analysts around the world. Fizziology, along with its sister companies MarketCast, Insight Strategy Group, and Turnkey Intelligence are business units of MarketCast Group, a portfolio company of Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York.

About Turnkey Intelligence:

Established in 1996, Turnkey Intelligence ( is a business intelligence company in the sports industry, offering best-in-class research and advisory services to sports leagues, teams, venues, and brands. Turnkey’s areas of expertise include sponsorship measurement and evaluation, advertising effectiveness, customer experience management, brand tracking, pricing optimization, customer segmentation, and more. Turnkey Intelligence, along with its sister companies MarketCast, Insight Strategy Group, and Fizziology are business units of MarketCast Group, a portfolio company of Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York.

About MarketCast Group:

MarketCast Group ( consists of four integrated consumer insights businesses: MarketCast, Insight Strategy Group, Fizziology, and Turnkey Intelligence. These companies work in collaboration to apply the power of data, technology, and proven innovation to get at the heart of how consumers think, shop, and entertain their passions. Established in 1987, MarketCast is a leading provider of marketing research services and data analytics servicing the global entertainment industry. Acquired in 2015, Insight Strategy Group is a consumer research and strategy agency that leverages deep social science expertise to fuel brand growth, new product introductions, and service and content innovation. Fizziology, acquired in 2017, is a provider of social research and analytics that uses real-time global conversation to create actionable insights for marketers and creators. Acquired in 2018, Turnkey Intelligence is a business intelligence provider in the sports industry, offering best-in-class research and advisory services to sports leagues, teams, venues, and brands. Together, these companies equip clients to engage consumers and fans, manage and grow their brands, launch new products and services, expand consumer reach, and maximize business outcomes. MarketCast Group is a portfolio company of Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York.


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October: Coach K the Face of College Basketball

1. Which one person is the face of college basketball? (Write-in; Top 5 mentions shown)

Mike Krzyzewski – 55%
Dick Vitale – 6%
John Calipari – 4%
Jay Bilas – 3%
Roy Williams – 3%

2. Which of the following is the most influential stakeholder group in college basketball?

Head coaches – 32%
NCAA – 26%
Media partners – 17%
Apparel companies – 14%
Athletic directors – 5%
Agents – 2%
Student athletes – 2%
Not sure / No response – 2%

3. The top 50 college basketball schools would be better off selling their sponsorship and media rights…?

Through an agency – 51%
Themselves – 42%
Not sure / No response – 7%

4. The Los Angeles ’28 organizing committee (LA 2028) has set a goal of selling $2.5B in domestic sponsorships for the Summer Games. Will it achieve its goal?

Yes – 61%
No – 30%
Not sure / No response – 9%

5. Relaxing which of the following IOC sponsorship rules would offer LA 2028 a better opportunity to reach its sponsorship goal?

Allowing corporate names on venues and uniforms – 54%
Allowing competing brands in the same category to secure the rights locally and globally – 38%
Not sure / No response – 8%

6. If LA 2028 were to reach its sponsorship goal, the investment will primarily come…?

From new sponsorship spending – 58%
At the expense of existing sponsorships – 36%
Not sure / no response – 6%

7. If fight sports were to switch their business model from pay-per-view to OTT subscriptions, it will most likely ________ their viewership.

Increase – 48%
Decrease – 20%
Have no impact on – 14%
Not sure / No response – 18%

8. So far, which of the following properties has done the best job of taking advantage of partnerships with OTT content providers?

WWE – 31%
UFC – 11%
Boxing as a whole – 4%
None of these – 13%
Not sure / No response – 41%

9. Did the UFC 229 post fight brawl help or hurt UFC’s brand?

Hurt – 35%
Helped – 34%
Not sure / No response – 31%

10. Ten years from now, which of the following leagues will boast the highest average franchise value?

MLB – 8%
MLS – 2%
NBA – 26%
NFL – 63%
NHL – 0%
Not sure / No response – 2%

11. In the last 30 days, have you placed a bet on a sporting event? (Select all that apply)

Yes, in Las Vegas – 2%
Yes, outside of Las Vegas – 6%
Yes, online – 7%
No – 88%
Not sure / No response – 1%

12. Having non-North American owners of franchises in the Big Four leagues is generally…?

Good for league business – 28%
Inconsequential – 55%
Bad for league business – 14%
Not sure / No response – 3%

One Question on the Lighter Side:

13. This Halloween, you are most likely to do the following:

Stay home and hand out candy – 55%
Go trick-or-treating – 20%
Stay home and keep the lights off – 15%
Dress up and go to a party – 6%
Not sure / No response – 4%

14. Thinking about your own particular business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months for your own business?

7 – Extremely optimistic – 14%
6 – Very optimistic – 39%
5 – Somewhat optimistic – 31%
4 – Neither optimistic nor pessimistic – 8%
3 – Somewhat pessimistic – 5%
2 – Very pessimistic – 2%
1 – Extremely pessimistic – 1%
Not sure / No response – 0%

The Turnkey Sports Poll is a monthly survey of 2,500 sports industry executives representing teams, leagues, governing bodies, facilities, media, events, agencies and brands. The poll covers current events and topics affecting sports business and takes 2-3 minutes to complete. Results are published in the SportsBusiness Journal and on Turnkey’s website. To be considered as a TSP panelist, please click here and enter your business contact information.