MarketCast, Insight Strategy Group, And Fizziology Unite Under One Banner As MarketCast Group

(Los Angeles, August 16, 2018) – MarketCast, Insight Strategy Group, and Fizziology have been united under a new parent company, MarketCast Group. The announcement is the most recent step in enhancing and integrating research and analytics offerings across the three companies. Together, the MarketCast Group companies are global leaders in the consumer insights industry, known for seamlessly bringing together best-in-class capabilities and expertise to solve clients’ toughest business challenges through innovative methods, uncompromised quality, and world-class talent.

MarketCast Group CEO Henry Shapiro said, “The establishment of MarketCast Group unites our companies by a singular vision. Each of our companies is distinct yet complementary to the whole, and our new brand architecture and visual identity reflects this evolution. Coming together under one banner preserves the brand equity of each business while communicating our broader unity and value to customers across the end markets we serve.”

The new brand architecture reflects the companies’ evolving business and expansion into new business lines. MarketCast Group has also debuted a new website and invites visitors to explore as well as the new websites for each of its portfolio companies.

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MarketCast Group ( is the parent company of three integrated consumer insights businesses: MarketCast (, Insight Strategy Group (, and Fizziology ( These companies work in collaboration with makers and marketers across industries throughout the product and content lifecycle, from brand health deep dives to early concept exploration to campaign development to distribution. MarketCast is a leading provider of marketing research services and data analytics servicing the global entertainment industry. Acquired in 2015, Insight Strategy Group is a consumer research and strategy agency that leverages deep social science expertise to fuel brand growth, new product introductions, and service and content innovation. Fizziology, acquired in 2017, is a provider of social insights and analytics that uses real-time global conversation to create actionable insights for marketers and creators. MarketCast Group is a portfolio company of Kohlberg & Company, a leading private equity firm headquartered in New York.

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July: Leagues Entitled to Portion of Bets Placed on Their Sport

1. Should leagues be entitled to a portion of the revenue generated by bets placed on their sport?

Yes – 56%
No – 40%
Not sure / No response – 4%

2. Legalizing and regulating sports betting in the U.S. will ___________ corruption (e.g. match fixing, points shaving) in sports.

Increase – 39%
Have no effect on – 39%
Decrease – 14%
Not sure / No response – 8%

3. If you were the athletic director of a Power 5 school, which of the following would you see as the easiest path toward increasing profitability of your program?

Developing new revenue streams – 52%
Cost control – 20%
Increasing traditional commercial revenue – 14%
Fundraising – 11%
Not sure / No response – 3%

4. On the eve of the 2018 college sports season, which poses a bigger threat for athletic departments?

The new tax law eliminating tax deductions for donors – 70%
The fallout from the NCAA basketball scandal from March 2018 – 21%
Not sure / No response – 9%

5. In your opinion, which tennis major offers the best fan experience?

U.S. Open – 35%
Wimbledon – 31%
Australian Open – 2%
French Open – 1%
Not sure / No response – 31%

6. Who has done the most for growing the sport of tennis in the last 50 years? (Write-in response; top mentions displayed)

Serena Williams – 15%
The Williams sisters – 10%
Billie Jean King – 9%
Roger Federer – 9%
John McEnroe – 7%
Arthur Ashe – 4%
Andre Agassi – 3%

7. Which NFL team department benefits more when holding training camp at team-owned facilities?

Player personnel – 46%
Business operations – 41%
Not sure / No response – 13%

8. So far you have followed the 2018 FIFA World Cup…

Less than you anticipated – 31%
As much as you anticipated – 42%
More than you anticipated – 27%
Not sure / No response – 0%

One Question on the Lighter Side:

9. In celebrating the arrival of grilling season, which is the must-have condiment in your household?

Ketchup – 52%
Mustard – 33%
Mayo – 8%
Relish – 2%
Not sure / No response – 5%

10. Thinking about your own particular business, what best describes your confidence level regarding the next 12 months for your own business?

7 – Extremely optimistic – 13%
6 – Very optimistic – 34%
5 – Somewhat optimistic – 35%
4 – Neither optimistic nor pessimistic – 11%
3 – Somewhat pessimistic – 5%
2 – Very pessimistic – 2%
1 – Extremely pessimistic – 0%
Not sure / No response – 0%